Are you looking to dump your cable TV and try something new? Something that's less expensive and convenient? Well you might just be in luck since it looks like the future of cable TV is not looking so bright. Just recently in 2013, the pay-TV industry experienced its first year of losing subscribers and that downward trend has been increasing since then. As technology advances, the use of cable television will soon be outdated.

So what exactly will be taking over the market? There are several game-players in the market, some you might be familiar with, such as Apple TV, Roku, Netflix, and StreamSmart TV. Internet TV boxes have been a big hit within the past couple of years, and as well as streaming sites. There are several reasons as to why many have been steering towards using such technology. There are many reasons as to why people have been converting to such newer technologies, but the biggest reasons are cost and convenience.

The smallest and least expensive cable TV package can run about $30 per month and the highest package can go up to about $200 per month. With Internet TV boxes and movie streaming websites, you pay a fraction of that cost and sometimes nothing at all. Some websites offer free streaming TV, movies, PPV events, and even live television. There’s so much you could do with that extra cash you are not spending towards your cable bill every month!

Both Internet TV boxes and streaming movie websites provide so much convenience for consumers. With the Internet TV box, all you have to do is plug it into your TV and you are good to go. With streaming sites, you don’t need to plug in anything really since all you need is a smart device with internet connection. When you watch cable TV, you have to watch your favorite TV show or movie on the cable provider’s time (or use DVR, which let’s not forget to mention is an extra fee); however, with Internet TV boxes and movie streaming websites, you watch whatever you want on your own time.