Holland Scott

What is Pr??

In short Page Rank is a 'vote', by all the other pages on the internet, about how exactly important a page is. A link to a page counts as a vote of support. If there is no link there's no help (but it can be an abstention from voting rather than vote against the page).

How is Page Rank Used?

Page Rank is one of the techniques Google uses to find out a page's relevance or value. It's only 1 part of the story when it comes to the Google list, but Pr is interesting enough to deserve a paper of its own and the other aspects are reviewed elsewhere (and are ever-changing).

When you have installed the Google toolbar (http://toolbar.google.com/) page rank can be shown on the toolbar of your browser. However the Toolbar Page Ranking just goes from 0 - 10 and seems to be something similar to a logarithmic scale:

Toolbar Site Rank:

(log base 10) Real Page Ranking

0 0 - 10

1 10-0 - 1,000

2 1000 - 10,000

3 10,000 - 100,000

4 and therefore on....

We are able to not know the actual details of the size because, as we'll see later, the maximum PR of most pages on the internet changes each month when Google does its re-indexing! If we suppose the scale is logarithmic (though there's only historical evidence with this at the time-of writing) then Google can only provide a toolbar PR to the highest real PR site of 10 and scale the remainder appropriately.

Also the toolbar often guesses! The toolbar frequently shows me a Toolbar PR for pages I've only just published and can not possibly be in the catalog yet!

What appears to be occurring is that the toolbar looks at the URL of the page the browser is displaying and strips off anything down the last '/' (i.e. it would go to the 'parent' page in URL conditions). If Google has a Toolbar PR for that parent then it subtracts 1 and shows that whilst the Toolbar PR for this page. If there is no PR for the parent it would go to the parent's page, but subtracting 2, and so on completely up-to the main of one's site. Then your club is greyed out, if it can't find a Toolbar PR to produce this way, that is if it doesn't find a page with a genuine calculated PR. In the event people require to identify further about linklicious tips, there are thousands of online resources you might consider investigating. Get further about