Freeway Apparel

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Freeway Apparel gets it when it comes to contemporary urban fashion. It focuses on female contemporary urban wear and up to this point, it has been a success. The company started in 2007 in L.A. and in slightly over a decade later, it now sells in stores nationally. Today, its products are available in major stores such as Von Maur, Bloomingdales and Dillard’s. To get to this point, the company has focused mainly on quality and diversity in its product offerings, and a strong commitment to quality. Its diversity is visible in its fashion offering for plus-size women through its Kristen Miles Label. In terms of quality, the company invests heavily in research to come up with fashion wears that blend global trends with local fashion influences. The company also has a strict policy on production. It controls production in order to ensure that there is consistency in the quality of products that it sells to its consumers. In the spirit of giving back to the society, Freeway Apparel supports local fashion events in the L.A. area. The company also supports upcoming designers to give them a footing in the fashion world. The market appreciates this, and Freeway apparel continues to grow in popularity both in the L.A and nationally.