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'Look for the opportunity in the problem not the problem in the opportunity'So, what is the solution?Pg 02A lofty dream?The numbers speak for themselvesA stated goalPg 03 The Frega Business Model is an Antitheses of the Business Model followed byTradional PortalsIn what way is Frega like Apple, Google, Facebook?In what way is Frega different to Apple, Google, Facebook?- Ownership of Assets and Capital formationPg 04 - Staff and fixed overheads- Ownership, management and enterprise (market cap) valuePg 05 - Central Authentication System Protocol (CAS)What qualifies registrants of the ecosystem to receive a distributed share of revenues?Pg 06 Social media (Facebook) and Search Engines (Yahoo) are looking to introduce a 'stablecoin'as a component of their Model – Does Frega have a stablecoin strategy?Pg 07 Frega's business model will have a profound impact on many existing models – What isFrega's response?Pg 08 What are these increasing number of 'Applications' that are attracting an increasing numberof Users?- InvestPlusPg 09 - WebsitePlusPg 10 - Equity ReleasePg 11 - FregaHubPg 12 - SkillsmatchPlus- AIPlusPg 13 - PurchasePlusPg 14 - What occurs, from a financial perspective, with any registration?- How does Frega expect to compete against established portals?Pg 15 How does Frega compete with existing financial institutions and payment service providers?An Executable Strategy!High and growing Internet connectivity and smartphone penetration in the PhilippinesPg 16 High use of Social Media/Instant Messaging in the PhilippinesThe 'monetised value' is not limited to revenue!