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3PL are a leading Multi-Modal Freight Forwarder & shipping company. We are a provider of services to and from major global markets including Far East & South East Asia, Europe, Great Britain, North & South America and the Pacific Islands.

We are a vastly experienced, independent shipping company offering personalised and professional services in all aspects of Air & Sea Freight Forwarding, including Import/Export operations, Domestic Shipping Services and Customs Clearance.

With 3P Logistics you are guaranteed a solid partner who has the knowledge and confidence to provide you with the correct information to make informed decisions on how best to ship your cargo, whilst fulfilling all statutory requirements.

3 P Logistics:

* Great rates with expert advice

* We will make sure your cargo is moved on time & on budget

* Network of global agents who offer same expertise as well as local/global knowledge

* Strategically located between Liverpool Seaport and Manchester Airport

* Regular updates on your shipments