Farah Remtulla

Atlanta, GA

Farah Remtulla is a well-known IT Service Management professional with in-depth knowledge of IT Service Management process theory as an ITIL® Expert and a passion for Organizational Change Management.

Farah has a diverse background with experience in leading projects on process design, implementation and evaluation with a strong focus on the integration of organizational change management strategies. Farah is also a compelling course instructor, known for her creative and engaging approach to applying ITIL process theory within organizations.

As a director under the CIO Advisory practice at KPMG, Farah strives to encourage those around her to design services that deliver value while being measurable and sustainable by pulling from a plethora of industry best practices around Portfolio Management, Value Creation, Service Management and Organizational Change Management. Her passion for creating an outcome-based valuable experience for her customers certainly doesn't go unnoticed through her innovative and strategic focus for Service Management.

Farah is a passionate supporter of the greater Service Management community and also co-hosts a weekly podcast, "Hacking Business Technology".

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