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Prepare for the international exams DELF and TEF tests. Have got diplomas of the international sample DELF, DALF (C1-C2). Experience in higher education, in private courses, private teacher, interpreter from/into French language.

Make sure you continue to practice the words you used earlier, so as not to forget them while you learn new words.

The top ten most common French words are: être (to be), аvoir (to have), je (I), de (of, from, by, than, in, with), ne (not), pas (no step), le (the definite article masculine), la (the feminine), tu (you), vous (you).

Sign all the French words and say them out loud, every time you meet them.

Make flashcards and use them when you are in the bus, during commercials when you are watching TV or when you have some free time.