Pete Frenzi


Male born 09/20/1982

Wester Astrology sign virgo Chinese Astrology sign dog

I was born with a neuromuscular disease known as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)– the most common form of the disease that generally afflicts males. I am a very fortunate man with a supportive family, a good attitude and luckily a healthy heart. It is common for males with Duchenne to have a weak heart, but there are some like me who are simply not affected in this way. I take good care of myself with physical therapy, nebulizing treatments and hand and feet splints among other things. I would not be alive today if it weren't for my ventilator and strong lung function,

I have a big heart and I love to make people happy. I'm fiercely romantic and even more loyal to my friends. My mind is active almost all the time, so talking and thinking about life has always been a big part of who I am. I'm pretty much a positive guy, though I tend to struggle with depression some of the time. Still I handle it pretty well. My peculiar sense of humor allows me to take life in stride, and never take it so seriously that I can't have fun. I can be darkly witty and still gentle in my delivery; never trying to attack or hurt peoples feelings intentionally. I'm feminine in the way I handle my feelings...I believe it's important for everyone to express themselves honestly and openly, whether people appreciate it or not. Just be true to yourself and see who's left in the aftermath.

I'm heteroflexible, which means I'm attracted to the male genitalia but Women are my go to for love and lust. I often tell people I'm bi because it's easier to explain it that way. I can't picture myself in a serious relationship with a guy because I love women too much for that.

Though I posses both Dominant and submissive characteristics I mostly identify as a submissive, because I love to serve most of all. If I had a potential partner who was familiar or not so familiar with kink, I would talk with her about my fetishes and general thoughts on my version of the "lifestyle", and ask what she's into or willing to try.