Frequency Bands

Great Ways To Improve Wellness

Wellness is a term that applies to a state of overall good health that is the result of proper nutrition, physical activity, and routine preventative care. There are many programs and activities that promote wellness to help people live longer and avoid chronic or severe medical conditions. Wellness takes far less time and money to maintain compared to the time and costs of medical intervention. Regular exercise, for example, helps keep muscles and joints strong and limber, improves circulation, and strengthens the heart. A gym membership, home exercise equipment, or participation in a walking program, costs less money than treating injuries, respiratory illnesses, and high blood pressure.Proper nutrition through diet helps people maintain a healthy weight, boosts the immune system, and keeps organs functioning to their full potential. That decreases the chances of obesity, diabetes, chronic illnesses, Horsifi and liver or kidney failure. It also prevents pain and suffering for individuals. Major contributors to poor nutrition are pesticides, artificial growth hormones, genetically modified organisms (GMO), and over processed foods, combined with readily accessible and cheap fast food and drinks filled with sugar and caffeine.Amino Acid Supplements can help enhance nutrition and help improve wellness. Essential amino acids, such as lysine, leucine, mathionine, arginine, glutamine, and others, build proteins, increase energy and concentration, promote cartilage and joint health, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol. They also boost the immune system, increase circulation, help retain cognitive functions and memory, increase the metabolism, and help the body combat depression.Another way to improve wellness is to provide the body with natural resonance frequencies. Man-made frequencies emanating from cables, microwaves and radio waves, cell phones, computers, other modes of modern technology, interfere with energy centers of the body. Chakras, meridians, and chi energy systems are knocked off balance and prevent concentration, decrease natural energy, and create feelings of stress and anxiety. Frequency Wristbands harness and channel over four-hundred and eighty natural frequencies directly into the bio-field of