W. Geno Burgess

W. Geno Burgess is a media professional, exposing clients and the general public to the art of PR, branding and communications! In his current role with frequency, Inc. Burgess consults and advises business owners, not-for-profits and artists on managing their brand and how to flourish in this "customer economy." Now that the marketplace is more focused on customer-to-customer divulgence, he helps organizations see the value of nurturing and growing these relationships.

As a part of frequency, Inc. Burgess has led workshops and seminars on the role PR plays in business of all types and sizes. Attendees discovered the importance of developing a crisis management plan and having it in place, even if it is never referred to again!

Burgess came out of the broadcast arena, radio and television. He has been responsible for some of the most innovative and compelling campaigns and promotions devised to drive listenership and viewers. He attended and graduated from Full Sail University with a B.S. in Entertainment Business.

Geno says more confident consumers and a roughed up economy together help create this receptive environment, where brands can be boosted in new and even more creative ways.