jay bird

hiya. I'm Jay, I'm 15, born & raised in tractor country, otherwise known as Ipswich in the UK. I live in Essex now though, and you can't hate it as much as I do. Before I start with my whole goddamn life story, I just wanna get one thing straight. Avenged Sevenfold are my everything. I love those guys like my family, like brothers almost. They've helped me through a lot of shit, and I've yet to thank them enough for that. Their music inspires me and I guess that brings me to their rhythm guitarist. Zacky Vengeance... where do I even start? I think he's the one member of the band that I can, on some sort of level, connect with. A lot of my inspiration comes from him in general. It goes without saying that I'd love to get in his pants, and I love him so hard it hurts. but beyond that, he plays a large part in how I see things. I don't want to launch into all my feelings for him though, because it would take a while. Music is a part of me. I mean, without trying to sound all deep about it. it really is.