Fresh Big Mouf

Los Angeles, California

Fresh Big Mouf, born as Aaron Hatch, is a music producer and composer living in Los Angeles. In his short career, Fresh Big Mouf's music has already caught the attention of worldwide audiences. During 2012 his music was used in videos generating 38 million views on Youtube. His productions have been heard on MTV, FOX, The CW and Game Show Network among others.

FBM is known for his ability to meld music to picture, creating magic when someone is introduced to an artist or brand. Up and coming artists such as Can't Stop Won't Stop and Lindsey Stirling use Aaron as their secret weapon, and companies like Undrip, The Color Run and Degreed request his work on their viral videos as well. Whether it's arranging and conducting string quartets for a folk record – or sequencing hip hop beats for an extreme sports video, Aaron is able to play nearly any role in his productions.

Fresh Big Mouf learned his chops growing up in the Chicago area, and went on to study commercial music at Brigham Young University. He now enjoys co-writing with established songwriters like Her0ism, touring with band Eyes Lips Eyes (ILG/ Warner) and creating dance videos for his electro-hop solo project.