Freshle Mentor

Thousands of young entrepreneurs launch their startups every day. And thousands of them fail every day unable to find their business model. How great it would be if they could base on each other's experience and avoid repeating the same mistakes?

Our solution is Freshle.

- Freshle helps you to stay focused on your business model search process, using Build-Measure-Learn techniques and tracking your progress.

- Freshle turns your startup into a game by giving you rewards for checking assumptions and comparing your progress with other startups like yours.

- And the main thing is that Freshle supports your decision making about what to do next by giving you suggestions based on information about what other startups like yours did in the same situation. It will help you to avoid mistakes and use other startup's best practices.

So, Freshle is a fun and clever startup management tool, based on Business Model Canvas, Lean Startup and collaborative intelligence. Our goal is to help all young entrepreneurs in the world who are committed to succeed.