Fresh Start Home Sales

Rent To Own Home in Snellville, GA

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Fresh Start Home Sales was created to help individuals and families rent to own homes in good areas with great schools. We help people who have damaged or bruised credit or are self-employed and cannot qualify for a mortgage to rent to own a beautiful home in a great neighborhood for up to 3-5 years. They will agree to take that time to improve their credit and save for a more substantial down-payment to buy the house they are already living in and enjoying. We also help people who are relocating to our area who want to live in a great home with the possibility of owning that home in the future. These potential home owners like the flexibility of rent to own homes because they are unfamiliar with the areas so don’t want to get tied into a mortgage until they are sure they want to buy the house. It is somewhat of a try it before you buy it arrangement that suites everyone involved. Should any of our tenant-buyers choose not to buy the house they simply have to after 1 year give 60 days’ notice leave the home in good condition and get their security deposit back and are fully relieved from any obligation to buy that home.

Fresh Start Home Sales

Address: 2330 Scenic Highway Snellville, GA 30078

Phone: 678-337-1165