The Freudian Slippz

We are a rock band playing original music based in the South East of England. We play melodic rock music with influences blending from rock, Latino, classical, folk, blues and jazz sources. The emphasis is on strong melody lines and chorus with a dancing, toe-tapping rhythm.

We are: Steve Diver: Bass guitar and backing vocals Gordon Fraser: Drums and backing vocals David Mann: Guitar and vocals

“Heartbeat”, our first EP, was released in the autumn of 2010.

Contact Gordon Fraser on 01435 866575 for band availability or David Mann on 01892 541917

David Mann, guitar and vocals, is a Freudian psychotherapist in his day-job! For more information see his web-site: At school he played the clarinet but found his true form of musical self expression when he took up the guitar. His guitar influences are the usual suspects: Richard Thompson, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Robert Fripp, Jimmy Page --- but he honestly can’t play half as well as any of them! His song writing reflects influences from his wide taste in music: though essentially rock, there are shades, notes, colours, tones and rhythms from blues, folk, Latino, classical, jazz and world music. He has always had trouble writing his own lyrics. In his teens he put poems by William Blake, Lewis Carroll and others to music. These days he co-writes with his partner, Michelle, who puts the words to the voice of The Freudian Slippz.

Michelle MacGrath, lyric writer, is a published poet. She has been writing and translating poetry since her early twenties. She started writing poetry to record key events, ideas, observations and moods. She and David have written more than 100 songs together.

Steve Diver, bass guitar and backing vocals, has been playing guitar and bass for a very long time. He has played in other bands from Scotland all the way down to Hampshire. Bass players he hopes to be influenced by include James Jamerson, Jean -Jaques Burnel and Bootsy Collins.

Gordon Fraser, drums and backing vocals, started playing the drums at school in the 70’s, he was in a couple of school bands and has been playing on and off with friends ever since. After a period of not playing but feeling that something was missing in his life he dusted off his kit