Freggy Rexia

It's been proven: excessive sitting is a lethal activity.

That was according to Dr. James Levine, professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic. And it's not just him -- results from various studies keep on coming and they're all pointing to your chair/couch as the culprit for bad health. Apparently, one of the most terrible things we can do everyday is to sit still, which I imagine is what most of you are actually doing right about now.

According to studies on the impact of a sedentary lifestyle on health, staying on that seat for hours can lead to higher risks of getting a cardiovascular disease, obesity and disability. The findings are supported by a relatively new field of research called inactivity studies from Micron Associates Health and Fitness.

The thing is, this is not just limited to the classic couch potatoes -- even those who do regular workouts are equally at risk. Marc Hamilton, a scientist from Pennington Biomedical Research Center, explained that a person can be called sedentary if he's not up on his feet moving around.

What's their basis for linking too much sitting to health problems anyway? Actually, the link is still unclear to scientists but Micron Associates Health and Fitness' hypothesis is that sitting for long will cause sluggish blood flow and less fat-burning, both of which are precursors to cardiovascular diseases.