Rachael Freifrau von der Goltz

Mother in Switzerland

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As you can see from my blog name I am a wife (15 years this year, eeeeek!) and have two gorgeous boys (2 years and 4 months). After having lived in the UK for 13 years, we are now in Switzerland, which is a tad bit closer to all our family in Bavaria, Germany.

I was born and raised in Bavaria, but my parents are American. Although I have an American passport I like to think of myself as 'intercontinental' - I LOVE Europe and have only been to the States twice in my life, but some of it has also rubbed off on me.

So WHY 'FreifrauMama'?!? Well, truth is I married a German Aristocrat. Roman Freiherr von der Goltz. So when we married I received the title: Freifrau... His family line goes way, way, way back, so there is a lot of history. But for us all that is left is the title, which has a lovely ring to it, if I might say so!

I'd say I am a creative, chaotic and life loving mama. I love photography, all things creative, up-cycling, the outdoors (thanks to our dog), mountains and green views.

I am kinda new to blogging, although I started a wee blog a few years ago and then life took over somewhat. But just recently I realised how I missed it and so here I am, on Wordpress nonetheless, trying to get into it again, learning how it all works. So do please stick with it, as I promise to stick with it too. And I hope you enjoy it.