Frian Amran

Mampang, Jakarta

Life is Adventure... Yeah, at least that is the suitable word to describe my life. i took it from a commercial.

I'm a Musician. yeah, apparently spending my three years as Choir member. my major isn't vocal. my major is piano, but somehow i can't play it perfectly. i'm also a writer wannabe ( working on my first novel), screen writer wannabe... the point is i always trying to do something out of the box and my comfort zone. and yeah i'm trying to concern about this world. trying to talk with smart people who always think ahead and critical. To be honest i ain't like the normal girls who more concern about fashion. Fashion isn't my thing. as the matter of fact, i hate when someone talk about fashion. but that's the opposite when someone ask me about Football. I'm a big fan of Football! My favourite team is Manchester United, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munchen, Juventus, AC Milan, Ajax Amsterdam, Olympique Lyonnaise, PSV Eindhoven, Chelsea, a bit Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs. My perspective of a team is. the team have the skill, history, and of course is the family-hood, vision and game style. i ain't tryna be a philosopist or whatsoever. but i'm a freak who a bit naive, also i'm a bit unsocial yet introvert at the same time.. you can talk to me about anything execpt FASHION! if you ask me about fashion, i will ignore it. Trust me!

Now i'm just livin the world with lots of chaos

  • Education
    • SMM Percik, SMP Presiden , SD Islam AL- Azhar12