Stephany Frias

My name Stephany Frias was born in Puebla on August 17, 1994 I have 19 years, which I like to do is dance that's my life since I was born dancing like britney spears, I also like singing, ever since childhood my parents taught me that in life have to be noble, honest, humble and above all, my life is based on values ​​and principles which my parents saw to that, I'm not the type of person that likes to be a disaster, on the contrary I like be quiet, be with my friends, my family, I have a boyfriend called Antonio Contreras, took 2 year 6 months being boyfriends, I love being with him, I miss something important my life is God in my life while the I need anything, I'm in a process by which teacher and then I'll be I'll give lessons to young children about the Catholic religion, I live that, my religion makes me be who I am, I'm not people who walk so concerned people talk, the better I worry about what my family, friends and my boyfriend told me, and I think this is me.