Veronika Fričová

Training Coordinator in Huelva, Španielsko

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Hey, I’m Veronika. I’m a Training Coordinator living in Huelva, Spain.

I am a fan of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. I’m also interested in web development and education.

Being Training Coordinator for Inercia Digital is mostly about preparing, facilitating, monitoring, evaluating and creating documents about the training.

My main Job Tasks and Responsibilities are:

assess training needs for new and existing employees

identify internal and external training programs to address competency gaps

partner with internal stakeholders regarding employee training needs

organize, develop or source training programs to meet specific training needs

liaise with subject matter experts regarding instructional design

develop training aids such as manuals and handbooks

inform employees about training options

map out training plans for individual employees

present training programs using recognized training techniques and tools

facilitate learning through a variety of delivery methods including classroom instruction, virtual training, on-the-job coaching

design and apply assessment tools to measure training effectiveness

track and report on training outcomes

provide feedback to program participants and management

evaluate and make recommendations on training material and methodology

maintain employee training records

handle logistics for training activities including venues and equipment

establish and maintain relationships with external training suppliers

coordinate off-site training activities for employees

manage training budget

manage and maintain in-house training facilities and equipment

keep current on training design and methodology

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