Frida Nittfors

Göteborg, Sverige

Before starting University I have had several jobs where my leadership and organizational abilities has been an advantage. I would describe myself as very organized and targeted person and this is an advantage for me when I work towards developing or improving different products.
My outgoing and social personality has given me many chances to embrace and welcome new people into my life and social interaction and the ability to work together is to me just as important as academic achievements. Emotional intelligence is a concept that I believe has great importance even in such a technical area as engineering, to understand, be compassionate and communicate effectively with my colleges brings me several advantages and makes me a contributing part of any team.

I take on all challenges with a great sense of commitment and passion and gaining new experiences from interaction with people from different cultures and backgrounds is something I believe gives me the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. I see challenges as an opportunity to grow and achieve new knowledge and I also do believe that I can learn something from every new person I meet. To improve and to find new areas of interests is what motivates me.

  • Work
    • Sup du CO
  • Education
    • Halmstad University