Frida del Carmen Moreno Huerta

Student in Colima, México

Listen to my music

Hello, I’m Frida del Carmen Moreno. I was born on Colima, Mexico on July 16, 2001 and live right there. I'm student.

I am a fan of music, arts and reading. I don't like the being yelled, animal abuse and hypocrisy.

I always check my email and social networks, I attend school 5 times a week, I always listen music, I have ususally my homework every day of the week, I usually talk to my friends and I sometimes try to finish my readings on weekends.

One time of the week I clean my room, usually in the month I read one or two books and sometimes in the week I wet out whith my family.

My hobby is read or see movies and series in my free time, also see my Korean Idols.

That is all, salanghae and fighting EXO!