Frida Gonzalez

Student in San Antonio, Texas

My bio

Being a senior at Roosevelt High school,Frida Gonzalez is determined to have a great GPA by graduation.Interested in becoming a teacher or counselor ,she is taking Practice in Education class and has since junior year.As a member FCCLA she has done community service by working stations at events like Night Out. Also as a cavaliers member her junior year, she was present at almost every football game .

At the Age of 13 Frida became fascinated by the educational field .This interest was initiated by babysitting for the family during summer,she was able to make the kids behave by being patient and understanding .When frida turned 15 She started babysitting a five year old as job and would help him do his homework occasionally.The boy was able to learn easier with her help ,his mom told Frida she should consider going into the education field since she seem to interact great with children.Frida realized being an educator was perfect for her she had all the characteristics for it.She is a mature and responsible person that loves to help people.By making this website she wants people to have an opportunity to know more about her and believe in her hard work,that wants to be a successful teacher in the future .Frida’s main goal is to help students learn the best way they can and have a great experience in school.Finally , she strongly believes the experiences students create in school really impact their success in the future.