Frida Palafox

I live in Mexico.

My name is Frida, I'm 16 years old and I'm actually in High School. I consider myself as an intelligent person but I'm too anxious, so I got a lot of hobbies.

I love playing the piano, making photography, drawing and also singing.

I like to learn new things every day.

I love languages; at first, I was interested in "relaciones internacionales", but I'm going to study "psicología" cuz I like the relation between brain and actions or feelings.

I'm not a talking person, I can express myself better if I write it, but I like to talk a lot.

I'm in a relationship at the moment and I love my boyfriend, he's a gentleman and I can really be myself when I'm with him.

I like being happy <3


A Day to remember...

I remember my fifteenth birthday two years ago. It was on Saturday at my home and I was very nervous.
My birthday was in thursday but I decided to celebrate on Saturday so all my friends can go.
First I was at my home, doing makeup and hair when one of my friends came. She said that my look was perfect so I did her makeup too. At 8 o'clock the people started to come. I was wearing a black dress and heels. I didn't realize that It was too cold outside so I was freaking out and I thought all was going worse.
I decided to stop for a minute and relax. After that I started to enjoy the party.
I invited fifty people but there were more than a hundred!
My party finished at 6:00 a.m. and I was very happy because I was being the center of the planet at that moment.
All of my friends were hugging me and saying "happy birthday".
It was a very nice day, I'm going to remember it for the rest of my life.

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    • I'm not working, just studying
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    • High School