Sharon Fridman (fRiDy)

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Adventurer, Blunt, and a Creative thinker;
Driven Dad and optimistic Dreamer;

Energizing others and Fearless Freedom Fighter,
Godless and atheist and Hobby Song's Writer;

Ignorance disliking, and Inventor of sorts;
Journeyman (or better...) in many kinds of sports;

Kitchen aid and cook, Logical by design;
Married to Morag with no intent to resign;

Nerdy technologeek, Optimistic at heart,
Passionate in nearly everything I take part;

Quiet? not so much, Research and truth scout,
Software Architect, Scientist inside-out;

Tom and Robin are my angelic daughters,
Uncovering doubts - purifying like water;

Visionary lookahead, far as eye can see;
Working Well under stress, better Without thee;

Xerox laser visualizer, loves to say Yes,
Zero tolerance to evil - Ta da! Finished this mess.

Perpetual fool, told ya.

  • Work
    • Compro
  • Education
    • Computer Science, Technion