Fried Enting


Supply Chain has been a red thread in my career; this fascinating part of business, which impacts on all activities we do, is challenging me each day to transform and adapt international businesses to changing circumstances.

I am future oriented and excited to be amidst a total transition towards a different global society. A society which will be more social and sustainable. I am constantly striving to contribute to this transition and assessing new developments.

International traveling has been part of the game and I have visited all continents. I love the saying "the world is like a book, those who do not travel are only reading one page". Traveling brings me to other cultures and gives me more understanding.

Sport is an important part of my life: as a board member I am contributing to the development of the skisport in the Netherlands. As an active tennisplayer and cyclist I am keeping myself in shape.

My family and friends are the base which keep me down to earth; their relativism puts everything in perspective.

  • Work
    • Program Manager
  • Education
    • Master Business Administration
    • Bachelor of logistics
    • Flight Operation Officer