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RAWWRR!!! Here is the GodZilla Browser the browser that base on mozilla firefox but its not what you think this browser have a a twist or for deeper meaning it have a more feature and added tweak.This browser is faster and more safe because of its added extension.We minimize its memory usage to reduce lags.You can download files with Internet Download Manager(IDM),because of idm you can download a file with your maximum internet speed .We made this browser for people who suffering from slow and booring internet.This browser is not supporting piracy we dont own your problem if they caught you so use this browser in the right way and the safe way.


All Rights Reserve 2014

Credits to LifeHacker,TestedComputerTricks and google.

LAST Update:03/24/2014

DOWNLOAD HERE: maintenance(Fixing bugs and updating the browser)

Tips:To use the properly Unistall mozilla firefox and install this. You can run GodZilla in windows 7 only.

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Linux:Not supported

Mac:Not supported

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