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I am a small business owner currently living in Singapore. My interests range from taking vacation anywhere in Europe to swimming. I own a small business of a swim school providing valuable swimming lesson to people living in Singapore.

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Sink or Swim

It's essential to know swimming in my opinion.First and foremost, swimming lessons can save your child’s life. You can childproof your pool with fencing, but even that won’t stop a determined child or a curious toddler. Drowning and drowning-related injuries are the leading causes of accidental deaths among children between the ages of 1 and 4. In the event of an accident, swimming lessons can and will help save your child from drowning. Lessons for toddlers are specifically designed to teach children safety floating tricks so that they can float while waiting for assistance during situation like toddler have no stamina to continue the swimming or dropped into the deep pool accidentally. This skill becomes instinctive through repetitive lessons and practice with swimming coach. Lessons for older children teach them to roll over, float, find the edge of the pool, and climb to safety.

Swimming lessons can encourage a lifetime of healthy habits. When children know how to swim, they're more likely to engage in physical activities at home, school, and in their community. Swimming is an easy way to maintain a healthy weight and cardiovascular system. Unlike running or weight lifting, swimming is a low-impact activity meaning it's easier on your joints, a very important factor for older adults or individuals recovering from injuries.

Water is powerful and it provides all the elements you need to build muscle and slim down once you are in the pool. Instead of jumping from trees (and possibly breaking an arm), tell the kids to grab their floats and jump in the pool instead has always been my philosophy.

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