Friendly Whispers

Friendly Whispers is an expression of woman's thoughts.

A lot of women don't have the count of the times they have heard: "This is not how the world thinks, are you stupid...", "Why do you always walk against the tide", "Why does everything have to be different and special", "Why do you associate a meaning to everything", "Only you can be like this.....Why can’t you be normal!!!!!"

And every time their inner voice has said: “It’s okay to be the persistent optimist who thinks happiness/destination is just around the corner”, “It’s okay to be that incurable romantic who smiles with anticipation”, It’s okay to dream with eyes open”, It’s okay to be the wind under some bodies wings”, “It’s okay to be different and think different”,” It’s okay never to stop being curious”, “It’s okay never to give up hope”...... "It’s okay to be me”...."It's okay to be a WOMAN"

Nevertheless over the years most have tried to change, adapt, mould, impress…..and fix the ME… that they can be more acceptable. But TADA - they still find themselves to be the stupid fools who cannot fit in…. Only now confused stupid fools…..who can no longer recognize their own selves….

Many a times they have wondered: "I wish I had known this is how it was going to be I would have made a different choice…, job, friends, marriage, children, business…..DREAMS…..”, “I wish I had known what to expect I would have behaved accordingly”, “I wish I could bounce off ideas and see if I was thinking right”, “I wish somebody could just lend me a hand to sought out a problem”, “I wish…… I CAN REACH OUT TO A FRIEND……ANOTHER ME”

These are all the thoughts that make Friendly Whispers. Friendly Whispers is a destination for all the women who want to connect, share, laugh, bitch, solve, achieve, showcase, promote and consult…..OR SIMPLY BE FRIENDS.

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