Jacqueline E. Washington

Mother in Temple Hills, Maryland

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Hi, I’m Jacqueline E. Washington proud mother of two grown sons, both who serve Jehovah with me. My youngest son is married with two step-children (the youngest is a girl), my oldest son is now divorced with two young sons. I love my family very much! Especially now because we have all changed our lifestyle for the better. I was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes in 2017, so I no longer drink red wine. I occasionally have a Fuzzy Navel (virgin mostly). I still go swimming. I am still a fan of food, but have to comply with a low carbohydrate menu, drink coffee, and volunteering, which consists of sharing the Word of God with all that I come in contact with. I do not solicit for donations for my favorite charity; but, we do accept contributions which aids the preaching activity, contributes to disaster relief of our members and others in the areas affected. We finance the building and renovation of our places of worship, and literature publishing and translation service, which are all done with volunteer workers. I love being one of Jehovah's Witnesses because we preach a message of salvation and we love our neighbor, all of them. Our hope is the original purpose for mankind: Living forever in perfection on a paradise earth! I have been told by some that we do not believe in Jesus Christ because we use his Fathers name. But, anyone who has read our literature can tell you, we imitate of his life because of our preaching, and charitable activity. He is our leader, this Jesus Christ! He gave his life so that all of mankind can have a personal relationship with his Father (Jehovah God) without having to sacrifice an animal, which was once a requirement according to the Mosaic Law. My knowing that God's Kingdom is the only hope for the salvation of every nation and people on earth, is what makes me proud to bear his name; and, proud to preach the 'good news of the Kingdom' to all I can reach. I claim no race but the Human Race, I abhor war. I have but one I consider to be my ruler, and I still pay my taxes and obey the law: As long as it does not conflict with God's law. For more Bible truths feel free to click on the link to the JW.org. website. It will answer any Bible questions you may have and give you 'accurate' information about Jehovah's Witnesses.