Friendship School Eldersburg

Serving the Eldersburg community and surrounding Maryland counties, Friendship School offers a personalized instructional pathway for students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. Friendship School in Eldersburg has a unique role to play within the educational world, demonstrated by its recently receiving a substantial Educational Foundation of America (EFA) grant. The June 2011 EFA grant matches funding provided by the France-Merrick Foundation and Merritt Properties in Baltimore. The combined funds will strategically enhance marketing initiatives and aid the development of effective learning techniques for children with dyslexia. Founded in Eldersburg in the 1990s, Friendship School provides a full educational curriculum designed for students in grades one through eight. Multi-sensory learning approaches are emphasized in core academic subjects, as well as in courses such as computer literacy, physical education, drama, music, and art. The school’s Orton-Gillingham methodology also stresses daily language-based tutoring and one-on-one reading practice. A guided, step-by-step approach transitions students from simple tasks to more complex literacy skills and academic competency. The school’s students range in academic motivation and ability from average learners to exceptional achievers. From 2006 to 2011, Friendship School was housed in Eldersburg’s Merritt Dyslexia Education Center, which also provided a home for the partner Margaret Byrd Rawson Institute for teacher training. The school trains teachers in identifying students with dyslexia and remediating them, also serving as a lab for developing real-world best practices for a dyslexic student population. Friendship School’s student base is diverse, extending well beyond its immediate community to include children from counties throughout Maryland. To learn more about the Friendship School’s unique mission and approach to learning, visit