kristof vandendries

please take a few seconds to read my beliefs on how the future can become better for all off us?

if we set aside our personal beliefs and religeon or make these submissive to a highere purpose, only then will we be able to see enough simularities between people all over the world to create a global unity witch possesses the power to irradicate violence and poverty and create a bright(er) future for every living being on our planet. why would a higher force, should there be one, have a problem with choosing a peacefull and liveable future for all of mankind in witch no good man, woman, or child is left behind?

than i can wonder, why politicians are not creating a world constitution.
laws of man are mostley the same all over the world so this should'nt be much of a problem and garantees peace on earth, and why the worldbank or any other approved global active institution, doesn't give everyone a basic income and health care, everyone will be better off and everything stays fair so nobody will mind if they simpley create the mony they need for it, also they could financially support all gouvernments on law enforcement, public safety, schooling, and environmental actions, these things are neaded for everyone so everybody will be better off if they are allowed, by all gouvernments, to pay these things.

why are people and gouvernments around the world not voting for this to happen?these simple steps can ensure world peace and irradicate poverty. if you just treath others like you want to be treated yourself and take you're responsabillity towards the community, than you are living a good life, and if enough people join me in my believes, millions of lives can be saved, and our future will become a lot brighter for YOU and everyone else.