Ashley Turner Doyle

An experienced global travel writer Ashley Turner Doyle specializes in covering Africa and Asia for a well-known global travel series publication. She reviews lodging establishments, restaurants, temples, and other attractions in these locales.

During her international travels, Doyle received the opportunity to experience African tribal life in some of the continent's remote areas. Her work has also taken her to several high-risk destinations, including the Middle East.

Depicting ordinary people and scenes of daily life, she also does freelance photography work. Her images appeared in publications such as National Geographic and Travel + Leisure. Her articles can be seen in Scholastic News, Travel Everywhere, Weekly Reader, Artipot, Self Growth, and beyond. Ashley Turner Doyle served as a contributor to two Discovery Channel productions and she has won multiple Photoburst contests for her travel photography. She is a two time finalists for the New York City MOTH Storytelling competitition and is a member of the society of Mensa

Prior to working exclusively in travel writing, she spent several successful years in pharmaceutical sales in New York City, New York, and Charleston, South Carolina. In the 1990s, she earned her undergraduate degree in education and art history from the College of Charleston. Doyle went on to attend Loyola Law School where she served at the New Orleans Legal Aid Corporation and the Louisiana Death Penalty Resource Center. She received her law degree in 1998.

When she is not writing, Ashley Turner Doyle has spoken at New York City and Charleston elementary schools. She discusses African and Asian cultural issues as well as the unique wildlife in those areas. In her free time, she enjoys reading, as well as spending time with her two little girls and Bearded Collie