Yogesh Vaishnav

Yogesh Vaishnav

I was born in Burhanpur, India where I grew up with a passion of studying engineering. But somehow it didn't work out and, I Graduated in Science (with few backlogs)

Started as a home tutor, I went on to become a trainer in a computer institute...

Started as a trainee, I am now a lead systems engineer...

My life as always surprised me :-)

Although not an engineer by education, I am proud of being one, by experience.

As far as family, I feel I am blessed. I grew up with 5 sisters and have a loving mother. Since childhood I wanted to become a visionary, like my father. The lesson he has taught is priceless 'Be honest with your job, never give up, never say I quit'

I am married to an angel. She is the person who made me believe that I could be a man, I have always dreamt off. We together are learning our parenting lessons each day.

I spend my time writing for GeekAider blog

And Ohh yea.. I am a huge A R Rahman fan!