Frienmedia Entertainments

Andhra Pradesh, India


Frienmedia Pictures & Entertainments is all about Independent Film Makers. You have a story? want to make a film? JOIN US & LIKE US!


Achieve "The Best Film Makers" by year : 2020

Company Overview
Frienmedia Entertainments is a new brand for new generation film makers. From script to advance film making, Frienmedia will be your First choice.


Frienmedia pictures & Entertainments is now independent film making stage, where we look for creative & passionate people from locals, groups, individuals who are crazy about film making. Start sharing your creativity or join us to be a part of frienmedia

Want to be a film maker. Don't know How/Where to start? we provide you with projects for your film making show reel and the techniques with Plot/Set designing. As we are in the beginning spore of the cinematic universe. we accept scripts, stories & ideas from anyone who wish to make his own independent film. we provide maximum privilege of assistance in filming and after works of film. All comes with an affordable deal.

We offers Pre-Production workflow like Script making, Screenplay Writing, Plot Designing, and other production help like Editing, D.I., VFX, 3D models & Characters, 3DAnimation [no-2Dflash] and other designs for film and Film makers.


Any individual/Group willing to work with Frienmedia Pictures & Entertainments follow the easy requirements below:

* mail us your details and queries/profiles/portfolios/ ^ if any ? at here:
* we will respond to your mail request with in/by 48 hours AS PER [UTC+5:30]
* Only one person can apply for one position. He/She cannot apply for more than
one post.
* All Entries will be replied with confirmed qualified details in an subsequent order.
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found posting ads, adult content, Religious subject, misguide material,
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  • Work
    • Post Production, Editing & Vfx, BG Score Designing