friend kin/synpath list!!

These are my friends! i made some friends over the course of one year, im so happy i got to know all of them. These are their ids/kins/synpaths.

🌨 Marceline (adventure time), Asriel (ut), Bee (bee and puppycat)

💞 Bilbo Baggins (lotr/the hobbit), Mabel Pines (gravity falls), Leo Valdez (heroes of olympus)

💫nathan prescott (lis), joshua washington (ud), draco malfoy (hp), meowth (pkmn), ryo asuka (dm), spencer reid, abbey (bcb),

🦁Nightcloud(wc), Clemont (pokèmon)

🍙Newt (tmr), Jayfeather (wc), isaac lahey (tw)

🍰Lapis Lazuli (su)

☄Lion (su)

🌺asuka from ngetodomatsu, kenny (sp), will solace, nepeta, and wirt/aigusi from p3/genos from opm/drossel from fireball

💝ash ketcum (pokemon), makoyo naegi, sadao maou, and karamatsu


❄️todomatsu, kenny (sp), will solace, nepeta, and wirt

💥frisk and chatot

🍫dipper pines, wirt, peridot, asriel dreemurr, and adrien/chat noir

💐Warren Graham (lis) & Bigby Wolf (twau)