Foster Rignola

Westhampton, NY

In the past year I have acquired a tremendous passion for the game of golf that seemed to come out of no where. Up until I was 20 years old I had never once played a round. My desire to learn was influenced by friends, family, and even my college professor. Each year, the Building and Construction Technology program at the University of Massachusetts hosts it's annual Golf outing; the BCT Golf Classic. Being that I was a Building and Construction technology major just finishing my sophomore year, I was hesistant at the idea of playing in this golf outing with absolutley no experience. I thought of the golf outing as a great way to network myself and really get to know the professors in my major on a personal level. My best friend was is an experienced and efficient golfer so I went to him for help. Throughout the summer, I spent countless hours at the driving range and putting greens learning the game and developing my swing. After a few weeks I felt confident enough to play my first round. I shot a 125, not horrible for your first time. For the rest of the summer I would play 2-3 times a week; improving my scores and developing a love for the game. At the same time, I was pouring endless amounts of money and time into the sport but it is all worth it to me. The game, although infuriating at times, is a great one. The more I got into golf the more I payed attention to the PGA. This got me focused on what the pros where using, what brands they were wearing, what balls they were hitting. I was a sucker to the simple marketing strategies. I became a big fan of jason Dufner from watching him play on TV. One of my biggest struggling points in my game was putting, and from watching television I noticed that jason dufner used a SuperStroke putter grip. I of course ended up buying one and putting it on my putter. This is a great example of how celebrity endorsements really work as a marketing/advertising strategy. I plan on playing golf for the rest of my life, and I will forever be influenced by the marketing strategies of Golf brands.

  • Education
    • University of Massachusetts, Amherst