Frisco Bakingcompany

Los Angeles, CA

Frisco Baking Company is a family owned business that has been at the same location in Los Angeles for over half a century. The third generation owners take pride in what they bake, as their fathers and grandfathers did.

About Frisco Baking Company

Frisco Baking Company’s products are one of the best-kept secrets in the bread industry today. The fresh bread made by Frisco Baking Company comes from generations of bread makers in Italy. The procedure for making Frisco bread has not changed in 70 years and you can taste the quality in every bite. The all natural recipe contains absolutely no preservatives and is 100% trans fat free. Our signature sourdough bread is absolutely divine so please try it today!

History of Frisco Baking Company
In 1950, Joe and Aldo were part owners of Colombo Bakery in the San Francisco area. In 1954, they migrated south to Los Angeles, purchased Frisco Baking Company and immediately made available to Southern Californians their all natural sourdough products. Their descendants continue the tradition with the same integrity and pride.
Our line of sourdough now ranges from par-baked dinner rolls and loaves to crusty, full baked rounds and baguettes. We make a special double baked loaf. Our French bread line includes dinner rolls, loaves, party sandwiches, Italian twists, and a variety of sandwich rolls (from 4 inches to 12 inches.)

What Makes Frisco Baking Company Different
Our sourdough bread spends 12 hours in the holding box before it is cooked. While our old school method of bread baking takes time and care, the finished product is well worth it. This also leads to much better consistency, flavor, and taste.