Artist in Webster, Massachusetts

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hey, I'm frisk. I don't really know much about this website lmao. I want t share some information about me that I don't on my account.

my pronouns are he/him/his and I used to use they too but I'm on and off at that

I'm polyromantic and asexual. I'm now single :/

I'm a self taught artist and I'm also 13.

likes: art!!, taking pictures of aesthetic things, mostly watching cartoons (example; steven universe, adventure time, pokemon (dunno if its an anime or a cartoon but eh) etc.) swimming, playing video games (although my laptop broke :/), I dye my hair way more than I should, I'm pretty much a huge nerd, I make jokes a lot (they aren't that funny oops),I really care about animals I love them they're so cute!, um idk what else

my girlfriend used to be @/cinnamonphan and personal @/aesthetic_.memes basically she lives in sandhurst, UK and I live in Webster, MA it was long distance and we broke up sadly.

what I don't want on my account please:

please don't spread hate I don't have to time to deal with homophobic/transphobic people, racist, sexist, mean and ignorant people, on my account please be nice I hate fighting and drama. keep your opinions to yourself if its going to hurt someone's feelings :)

art drama:

I love drawing a lot its very calmy and fun. I haven't been an artist for that long only a year. but I have NEVER stolen art or copyed/traced it. I don't do that. art has always been difficult I've changed my style a lot before but that was just figuring out my style. mine right now has been it for awhile and I like it. I know sometimes I've forgotten to credit artists for ideas and such but I've made many mistakes and I apologize for it. if I forget something please DM me and ask nicely and tell nicely because I do have feelings. I hate arguing it gets me so upset. I will credit people's ideas and who have inspired me. I wouldn't want anyone to trace or steal my art either. I'm not a bad person I swear.

ok um if you read this thank you and have a nice day :^))

don't pokemon and drive