friskbb ♡♡♡

friskbb ♡♡♡

// hi hi I'm Sarah! i'm a cosplayer of 4 years, singer, dancer and actress! I'm currently 14 years old, asexual and questioning. i see good in everyone!

// I have trust issues as well.

// IMPORTANT NOTICE: here is my tag list: chiaki (danganronpa) mahiru (danganronpa) hanayo (love live) kokomi (battle girl high school) and FRISK (undertale)

// I play video games, stream, sing, and in a group called musecovers! I sing as Hanayo Koizumi and I'm also one of the editors on the team

// Please call me She/Her for those are the pronouns I prefer. I'm quite popular in the EN version of SIF please look on my Instagram if you would like to see my account.

// I also speak Japanese, and will be translating very soon.

// Thank you for taking the time to look at this page and have a wonderful day!! ♡