hey !! im rei

im pretty calm and easy to talk to so feel free to dm me abt anything honestly

I don't kin (not that i have any problem with ppl who do), but I like to be tagged in photos of:

homura akemi !! (pmmm)

max caulfield (life is strange)

napstablook (undertale)

leo valdez (pjo)

ruby rose or coco (rwby)

If this bothers you and you like being tagged as them or you kin as them just tell me and I'll back off

my main interests are:
madoka magica, rwby, undertale, life is strange, harry potter, once upon a time, and pokemon

if you follow me please actually talk to me occasionally

i love my friends very much, so if you have a problem with any of them you can follow me, but don't argue with them on my page please. also, please don't follow if you're homophobic, transphobic, or you're over the age of 20

please dm me a picture of a cat when you request me to prove you read this unless i requested you first.