hi im frisk, im a median system!! im literally frisk from undertale, i don't mind doubles tho!! i have bpd, severe depression, derma, an unspecified anxiety disorder, adhd, and possibly dpd / bipolar. im very gay for vent user @grmbark // turtleseed user @grimbark !! 💕 also im aro ace

my facets:

👽 sava: they/them. the core and one of the hosts. kind of the protector? does the maintaining and damage control.. very stressed. will probably be nice if u talk to them. they and coda do most of the talking for the system. they/them. id as frisk; not kin.

🐠 coda: he/him. one of the hosts. laid back , chill, doesn't care. not empty like rick though. usually cofronts with rick during school hours. usually takes care of conversing and stuff. id as frisk; windkin, oceankin, and kin with wendy corduroy.

💊 rick: he/him. a fictive of rick sanchez from rick and morty. empty, dead inside, hollow. cares about the system a little though, and cares about vivi a lot. pretty much an asshole. usually cofronts during school. id as rick sanchez; voidkin, kin with meenah peixes, and chloe price.

💜 roxy: they/them. hardly ever fronts. very happy and excitable!!!!! likes to be around and front!! nice, sweet, bouncy!!! id as frisk; kin with roxy lalonde, mabel pines, and stevonnie!!

💥 ace: he/him. majorly dangerous!! violent, suicidal, terrifying. used to be a monster or demon. has two sides: smiley and aggressive. smiley side is all ":) woopsie" and happy violent, and aggressive is just pure anger ,, do not engage ace!!! id as chara, frisk, and a divine chaos being; demonkin, monsterkin, and kin with malachite, flowey, and bill cipher.

⚡️vivi: they/them. a mess. young, a crybaby, negative, panicky and anxious. constantly upset and fronts during anxiety attacks. has rick's protection bc they're morty. nervous, scared, unsure. id as morty smith and frisk; rainkin and kin with shyren, tavvrisprite, and jake english