frisk dreemurr

person in Nowhere Else, Australia

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀----> ⭐️ hi i'm frisk! ⭐️ <----

◊ i am the actual frisk from undertale, not a kin or id

cancer, infp, chaotic good, slytherin



◊ the rest of my identity

mikan tsumiki

kozume kenma

◊ kins;

izuku midoriya


◊ comfort characters ◊

asriel dreemurr

chiaki nanami

kyoko kirigiri

komaeda nagito

pidge gunderson

audrey jensen

i have met: chiaki, kyoko, and komaeda!


my amazing qpp is kyoko💜

my bestest best friend is maria💖

my other good friends r nova, ko, claire, izzy, lukas, and britney!


◊ things to know! ◊

i love danganronpa & uundertale

i might post guro/horror game content but it will be tagged

◊ DON'T follow if ◊

you are uncomfortable with kins or id's, or will judge me for having them

you are uncomfortable with the comic killing stalking, i post it sometimes

you are kin with my comfort characters (unless im already following you)


dm to follow with a pic of one of my comfort characters!