🌟 frisk 🌟

robot in Waterfall, Australia

🌟 frisk 🌟

robot in Waterfall, Australia

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β €β €β €β €β €β €----> ⭐️ hi i'm frisk!⭐️ <----

β—Š i am the actual frisk from undertale, not a kin or id

cancer, infp, chaotic good, slytherin

they/them preferably but she/her is fine


β—Š the rest of my identity

mikan tsumiki

kozume kenma

β—Š kins;

izuku midoriya

*naegi makoto

kenny mccormick

if there is an " * " then im fine with doubles– i'd love to be tagged but if not its okay

β—Š comfort characters β—Š

asriel dreemurr

chiaki nanami

kyoko kirigiri

komaeda nagito


pidge gunderson

audrey jensen

emma duval

i have met: chiaki, kyoko, and komaeda!


my amazing qpp is kyokoπŸ’œ

my bestest best friend is mariaπŸ’–

my good friends r nova, ko, claire, izzy, lukas, kuzu, and britney!


β—Š things to know! β—Š

**PLEASE ASK if you are kin/id with someone from danganronpa!!! like any of the games. i just know a lot of ppl already!

i love danganronpa & undertale

i have professionally diagnosed mental illnesses: add, generalized anxiety, and maladaptive daydreaming

i might post guro/horror game content but it will be tagged if it's graphic

β—Š DON'T follow if β—Š

you are uncomfortable with kins or id's, or will judge me for having them

you are kin with my comfort characters (unless im already following you)


dm to follow with a pic of one of my comfort characters!