Eric Fritz

I've loved art ever since I was a kid. I was heavily inspired by skateboarding and music at a young age. Through those two things I naturally gravitated towards visual art. After I got out of school I worked in the music industry for a bit, doing art for the bands I was in or art for other bands, pretty much anything I could do to get experience in visual art to get my name out there I did it. I decided to leave the music industry and pursue a career in tattooing. I started off in St.Louis,MO under Eli Hindmen at House of Ink, It was your typical old school apprenticeship. A lot of cleaning and shop duties and very little instruction on how to tattoo. It was up to me if I was going to move forward, knowing that my wife and I made the move out to Vegas for change of scenery and to challenge aspects of my tattooing. I started at Tatlantis four years ago and haven't looked back. I love doing traditional and neo-traditional most of all, but overall I love all styles in tattooing. Tattooing to me is my life and I truly love my life.