Fritz the Kraut

Freelance Data Analyst in La Paz, Mexico

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Hello, my nom de guerre is Fritz the Kraut. I got that nickname after I migrated to the USA due to my accent and the general concept many Hollywood brainwashed Americans have about Germans. At the beginning I hated it, later I was annoyed by it, today I enjoy it as I can pair it good with my wicked humor!

I spend most of my life occupied as scuba instructor (PADI, NAUI and DAN), underwater explorer and adven-tours guide operating in Mexico, Central- and South America, certain countries on the African continent and Madagascar.

Approaching elevated middle age and the health issues coming along that prohibited certain activities (constant intercontinental air-travel, ambient pressure changes) I had to change occupation.

Fine-tuning my extensive computer and software hobby knowledge and switching into the IT field becoming a Freelance Data Analyst and SUSE OS specialist operating by the means of telecommuting was a logic conclusion.

I'm living now in beautiful La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

I do enjoy travel, the outdoors, boating and several forms of motorsports. I’m also interested in many different types of food (cooking as well consuming) and will never so "No" to a good beer. You can visit my other online presence with a click on the button above.