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HI! My name is Danica! ! I know my location says Chicago, don't worry about that.. Anyways welcome to @frizzylad 's IG somewhat expectations you'll see. I really want you to read this, because there's going to be some important things.. πŸƒ

:Ok first off yes I'm in Grade 8, CPMS. I'm again, Danica Fritts.. I like drawing, singing, hanging out w/ friends, vid Games, slushies, chocolate, all those kinds of stuff.. ⚑️

:If you followed me before and somewhat unfollowed or I blocked you and want to follow me back, which for some reason weird, just DM me and I might fix it. depends.. πŸ’¦

:I only post photographs and my /cough/ ugly /cough/ selfies and if you want some other so called themes, you can follow some other accounts.. Just ask me and I'll see which one, or if I don't have one then I'll tell you, or try to get close.. πŸŽƒ

:Do not harass others or me. Please be nice and so forth. I really hate seeing people getting hurt and myself, it makes me feel like I'm a bad person in general. :/ I hate being hated for who knows why.. ✨

β€’That's probably all. If you request me, i wont accept unless you DM me the emojis I have on this page. I will gladly accept. now have a good day! :)