Merula Alba

I'm lithuanian,i'm a girl and a woman and a bitch and a sweetheart. What else? I am opinionated, stubborn, strong,pretty self aware, moody and messy. Basically I have a shitty personality (at least I DO have one) and I totally love it and wouldn't trade it. I'm pretty impulsive and tend to get easily lost in unachievable fairytales. I'm a dreamer that never wants to wake up. I can be really sweet to some people, tho it takes a really long time to get to that stage. Otherwise I'm just another nasty bitch. I usually trust ANYONE (yeah, silly princess living in her cute pink world) but you have one chance only: betray me and you're gone and forgotten in less than 5 minutes. I'm essentially trying to survive in the wild cruel world and looking for my own place. I go with the flow til' it gets me forward, I believe in fate but I do also believe life is what you make of it.I am a walking paradox but,after all, i'm only human. .

I’m like a drug & you’re always going to want another dosage of Frjunkte =] I may not be the prettiest girl with the sexiest body, but I dont even want to be one of a kind; I will be the girl from your biggest nightmare, & that’s a promise =] I do tend to piss off and intimidate people. I can be a sweet girl, but a more or less of a bitch (I speak what’s on my mind). I’m very ambitious and have large morals, but I don’t forget bad things. I get what I want, otherwise I throw fits. I don’t get along with girls; well they don’t get along with me. "Strange" is not only a stereotype, it’s a lifestyle. get over yourself, you know nothing about me. I actually have goals in life. Dont expect too much of me; you'll only end up disappointing yourself.

I never stick to one style, always change. You will never figure me out. I have my own philosophy, and I follow it.
I am not who you think I am - I am what you think I'm not. ♥

Long hair fascinate me.
Yell at me, and you're forgotten.
If you want to control someone, sleep with your remote.
I think intelligence is sexy.
RGKG = real girls kiss girls.

I heard I give bitchy looks, NOT MY INTENTIONS. But the way I act does not reflect on my actions. If people knew the truth, they would be shocked =] People always think they have me figured out, and it's so cute. Unles