Hello, visitor. Lost or just plainly wandering?

A girl with a fragile heart and a writer with daring dreams living an unfathomable life. I'm a big ocean full of mysteries and secrets deep down, a puzzle that needs to be solved. Books are my escape, yes. And writing is what I do to express my deepest feelings. I fight for what I love and I care about what others think of me. I'm used to be taken for granted.

I'm the kind of girl, who would rather lay on her bed all day on a Friday night rather than spend time outside with her friends, who would rather save some money for the new released-book of Nicholas Sparks or John Green, rather than for new cool outfits.

I'm a bookworm, you can say that. But I can be one-of-a-kind girly-girl at times. I have this fashion sense, I don't show because I lack money lol.

Why do I love books, you might ask. Well, books give me this serene feeling. I feel like I'm on a new world, that EVERYTHING IS CERTAINLY POSSIBLE. Which doesn't and never will happen in reality. Fantasy, imaginative, yes, but for me, it is so much better than reality.

Weird, I dare say, I am. I believe in reincarnations. I'm not romantic but I know true love exists. I believe that anything can happen, by choice or chance. And life is full of possibilities, I tell you. So enjoy life while you're still young and carpe every diem.

My name's unknown for some private reasons and I've been exploring this strange town, we call Earth since 2000.

[Disclaimer: The photo used as my background image and display picture is not mine, I have seen it from the Google images. And if I'm not mistaken the drawing has been drawn by Kristina webb/ All credit goes to the photgrapher/artist.]