Robert Sandy

Writer, Politics, and Design in Chicago, Illinois

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Robert Sandy was born outrageously poor, and has maintained his place within that particular socio-economic sphere with surprising success. When asked, Mr. Sandy will probably insist that he is a writer by profession, although he is only the author of many unread and (mostly) unpublished works. He is, however, sincerely proud of his nearly completed novel, which will probably join his other works as they collect digital dust on his various harddrives until they are published posthumously and celebrated for the genius contained inside the covers and mourned for the loss they also represent.

From Michigan, Mr. Sandy escaped his homestate at a very early age, and set out, almost on his own, to pursue many dreams, none of which have come true. He is a proud feminist, a fan of Tina Turner, and generally a lover of all strong, independent women.

In his spare time, which is often considerable, he can usually be spotted drinking a cup of tea, or, more likely some form of alcohol, as he mocks everything going on in the world. He enjoys film, but generally dislikes movies, and is snobbishly intolerant of all people who do not know the difference between the two. When not squinting to read the sub-titles of some obscure Iranian film, he often indulges his obsession with "The Simpsons" and all things associated with the name Joss Whedon.

When not yelling at his 18 year old smart-ass Alex, he can often be seen hugging him tightly and telling him that he loves him more than anyone in the world. While that love is unconditional, Mr. Sandy has become increasingly annoyed of late by young Alex's lack of interest in reading, and for his not having joined in his literary worshipping of Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams or Cormac McCarthy.

Fluent in social media speak Mr. Sandy spends an inordinate of time Facebooking, Plurking, Digging, Poking, Twittering and Twattering, and finds great enjoyment in helping to destroy the English language with irresponsible inane neologistic activities like such.

Mr. Sandy has travelled all over Europe, the United States and parts of north Africa and west Asia. He has lived in London, Paris, Rome, Chicago, New Orleans and is a current resident of the City of Angels.

  • Education
    • Northeastern Illinois University
    • Barat College